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erica vhay - painter, artist

Erica Vhay is known for capturing the emotion and movement of a moment in time. Her fascination with patterns and negative shapes can be seen in both her figurative and abstract work - with her focus on the negative shapes as much as the positive. 

From a family of artists, her mother was a painter and her great grandfather was the 20th century American sculptor Gutzon Borglum - most notably known for his sculpting of Mt. Rushmore. Other influences in her work can be seen in Egon Sheile, John Singer Sargent, and the more recent Malcolm Leipke and Michael Carson.

Erica attended college at the University of Oregon where she studied sculpture and drawing. Although she has been creating art since she was a child, she has focused solely on painting for the last 20 years. Originally from Nevada, Arizona has been her home for the last 23 years. 


Altamira, Jackson Hole, Wy

Altamira, Scottsdale, Az

Brix. Flagstaff, Az


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